"longsighted" reviews

Pretty Bruises fanzine (Jan 00)

"I truly believe that arco is the most profound band operating in the UK today. This is their first single. Just as essential if not immediatley devastating as their ending up EP. Either way, once you get the EP you'll want this too so might as well get them both. Featuring Distant Lies, 20000 ft,and Sleep as the soundtrack to your little life at its most desolate." (Nathan)

US Popwatch (Mar 99)

"A batch of pop in the Sarah records' more melancholy (less twee) vein of outfits like The Orchids, The Field Mice, and Brighter. The unfortunately named arco (hopefully not named for the American oil company) are more to the quiet side and are a welcome addition to the canon of this genre. Lonely and beautiful little songs are enveloped in hazy melodies and a gentle, sombre voice. This is a side of indie pop that continues to offer great things." (Dan)

CMJ New Music Report of 12 Oct brings arco to the US:

""Distant Lies", the twisted, lethargic first track on this vinyl ep from London's arco, is shockingly surreal, with a lead male vocal that sounds like a girl shot full of tranquilizers. The mood remains equally somber and curious on the remaining two tracks, especially "Sleep," which plays out like an opium dream, all cottony vocals and hollow piano chords." (Kelso Jacks)

David Benedict puts "lonsighted" in the Melody Maker Hit List (26 sept):

"A narcoleptic whisper, a heartbroken lullaby, a last, sad dance with Red House Painters on the jukebox. Unexpected treasure."

Tower Records' Topmag magazine:

"....debut EP Longsighted (Dreamy)****, is a hot breath of introspective emotion and coiled sentiment. 'Distant Lies', especially, is as sad as Sunday, but exquisite with it." (Nick Duerden)

What's On magazine (Aug 98):

"Excellent, assured debut... Like Nick Drake on a bad day, crafts heartbreak, misery and pathos, setting them to poignant guitar and piano melodies. Check the last track, "Sleep", two minutes and 28 seconds of pure and pristine loneliness."

Dddd fanzine:

"....this is extremely nice, we're in female-singing (er..... never mind) slow-Red-House-Painters songs expanses, and as so often happens, the true Crayola-coloured warmth and loveliness is hidden on the B-side - two 2 1/2 minute fuzzers, blanketed with tired oboe and piano. Dear beloved arco, PLEASE, just cos this single doesn't make you rich please please please don't think you're doing "something wrong" and that you've got to change your formula - the world will catch up with you one day. Genius has confidence."

...and our first ever review, from Hot Press mag:

"Quieter than Low and slower than Red House Painters, this London-based band's debut is afloat with all the soft focus atmospherics and endearing fragility of mid-period Brian." (Nick Kelly)

(i wonder if he liked it...)