- mesmeric - the aural equivalent of a human being pausing for thought as the world speeds on around (Q magazine)

 - some of the most beautiful, fragile and ultimately euphoric music you'll hear (indiemusic.co.uk)

 - quiet, fragile and reminiscent of the melodic beauty of Nick Drake (Whats On)

you can buy arco online via
amazon.co.uk (UK)
play.com (UK)
pehr records (USA)
darla records (USA)
amazon.com (USA)
noble music (Taiwan)
audioglobe (Italy)
pastel music (Korea)
and if you have iTunes, the
iTunes Music Store

slow-breaking news:
  arco have contributed a christmas song - a cover of Greg Lake's "I Believe In Father Christmas" - to the Pastel records sampler "Merry Lonely Christmas".

the new album is out... and on iTunes. finally.
arco's latest, and probably Last album, is finally out. it's called "yield". it's available for download on iTunes, and on cd from pastel music in korea (catalogue number pmcd 2068). it can also be downloaded in korea here, and the cd can be bought internationally here.

on tv and in the movies
on tv in korea, "alien" and "perfect world" have both been featured in the network drama series "coffee prince", while "lullaby" features in an advert for "sky" mobile phones and "babies eyes" in an advert for "17" tea.
in response to this, pastel music in korea have re-released the 2-cd pack of "coming to terms" plus 4 EPs, with new artwork (see the images page).
  "lullaby" has been used as the closing music in episode 4 of the first series of "californication", shown on showtime channel in the usa, and on Five in the UK. see the billboard press release.
  a set of "californication" soundtrack compilations ("trackpacks") are coming out too, as iTunes downloads. (no vinyl here.) if you're OK with US iTunes, listen as arco cosy up to the rolling stones (or maybe the other way round).
"alien" appears in the soundtrack of the movie "turning green", and in the soundtrack of "one tree hill" (series 1 ep 15).

new albums, old albums
limited stocks of the original Dreamy Records UK pressings of arco CDs and vinyl are available from Dave Milligan's record label Sitting Target .

arco gig, in London, August 08
what better way to celebrate ten years together than a gig in London...
on Mon 18th August arco play the electroacoustic club @
The Slaughtered Lamb
34-35 Great Sutton St
London EC1V 0DX

Dave's side project: Penguin Party
Dave Milligan's side project, Penguin Party, is releasing songs via:
www.myspace.com/penguinpartyband or
and very lovely pop songs they are too.

modern mass media
YouTube has caught up with arco (or maybe the other way round). the video for the single "alien" is here on YouTube.
  MySpace has caught up with arco (or maybe the other way round). friends of arco can be found at www.myspace.com/arcomusic

in the studio, june 07
arco are back in the studio, recording their third album. (their fourth, counting "transparency", a US compilation.)

west coast tour, september 05
thanks beyond words to Adam and Darren and all at Pehr for a wonderful tour.
Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle are still in shock.
we played Moscow, Idaho, too, which was already in shock.
(check out Dave's tour diary.)

little happenings
a previously unreleased arco track, "dry", is featured on the cover disc of the wonderful Comes With A Smile magazine, issue 18.
  arco goodies (tshirts and the like) are starting to appear at www.cafepress.com/arco
pics from the troubadour and barcelona gigs are on the images page.
  there's a new arco interview in the current pennyblack magazine - compare and contrast the interview from four years ago.

arco launch second album: "restraint"
in oct 2004 arco released their second album - "restraint". eleven songs of moving simplicity and beauty that balance sadness and understanding, desolation and consolation, resignation and hope.
"restraint" is distributed by Cargo and is available in all good record stores and online from amazon.co.uk and play.com. it's also available mail order in the usa from darla and cdbaby. and if you use iTunes on your PC/Mac, you can find it there too.

early explorations
a special edition of "coming to terms" complete with a bonus disc of non-album material is available in korea from pastel music. the album is also available in taiwan on noble music.
  the previously unreleased track "out of myself" appears on the "indian summer" compilation from darla records. "lie", from the alien single, is also on the new moonpalace records compilation. and very good both records are too!
"transparency", a compilation album of all arco ep's and singles tracks is available in the US from Pehr Records.

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