"driving at night" reviews

Revolutions(Jan 00)

"At Revolutions we've usually concentrated on album releases, but this single due for release on Monday 8th demanded inclusion on the grounds of talent as blinding as the undimmed headlights of an oncoming car at dead of night. There is a delicious gossamer quality to the songs here. It's not light in the all too widespread sense of lightweight, throwaway pap but in a free, floating way; a few listens to this and you'll be chilling at the top of the troposphere.

Arco are singer-songwriter Chris Healey, Dave Milligan and Nick Healey, and the quiet tapestry they create seeps into you, the very quietness an asset in that you are made to listen carefully to lyrics that reward the attention paid them. Driving At Night beautifully creates an atmosphere of resigned melancholy that All This World both builds upon and attempts to explain. Rounding things off is Here, which, in less than a minute and a half (Oasis, take note), puts across with painful clarity a feeling of utter isolation. If the upcoming album "Coming To Terms" maintains this quality it will be well worth the wait, and you can be assured that Revolutions will be reviewing it. As for this glorious single, I suspect it won't get much air-play from the likes of Chris's Moyles or Evans, and I can hardly give a higher recommendation than that!"

Strange Fruit (www.strange-fruit.co.uk)

"I know precious little about this band, despite this being at least their third single and despite them having a forthcoming album. What I do know, is that this is one of the most gentle, beautiful slow-fi records that I have heard for quite some time. Sumptious instrumentals accompany gorgeous, heartfelt vocals, in a record that is highly reminiscent of the finest from Dakota Suite or Tram. The tune evokes visions of an open, empty highway in the dead of night, of the loneliness of a sleepy drive home. The record succeeds in being delicately powerful, weaving a melodious journey through the senses. The b-side, 'All This World', is equally poignant; a saddeningly beautiful piece dominated by singer Chirs Healey's powerful yet understated voice. This is a truly moving record, and expect a review of Arco's album as soon as we can get our hands on a copy. PH."

Fakejazz (www.fakejazz.com)

"This tiny peek at Arco's melancholy pop, has gotten me very interested in hearing more. They write songs to tug at your heart with as much hurt as Pedro the Lion or The Smiths ever have. Two of the songs on this single are from their debut album, Coming to Terms on Pehr Records (US)/Dreamy Records (Europe). The first track, "Driving at Night," displays the great lyrics Arco use, for example the line "I have to spen

"All This World" brings the mood down a bit further with a very direct song about loneliness and isolation ("..With how many lovers do you have to sleep, to know that you're alone in all this world?.."). The last song is exclusive to this single, though it's only 1 1/2 minutes long. It's a nice piano and vocal song that ends before you really realize it has started, which makes it so hard to resist hitting play again to hear the whole single again."

(Sean Hammond)