"alien" reviews

Delusions Of Adequacy Zine

"It's only the middle of July, and I already feel as if the summer is dragging on. Not that I want it to go too quickly, mind you, but it's settled comfortably into the period of long days and short, hot nights. There's nothing quite like sitting on your porch or in your living room with the windows wide open just as night finally falls, feeling a cooling breeze waft through, the lights off, and playing something that perfectly sums up the quiet and peaceful mood. Arco, with their brand of quiet longing and subtle desperation, fits that bill perfectly.

"Alien" was taken from the band's debut full-length, Coming to Terms, one of the best slow-core albums to be released in recent memory. This song has a delicious, quiet sense of desperation and dissatisfaction, and you get the sense that singer Chris Healey really does feel alienated as he sings, "Why I feel like an alien / not part of the human race / when my heart wants to burst / at the sight of your face. / I feel like I'm suffering / from a beautiful disease / when your sad pretty smile / brings me down to my knees." Soft and lovely, it's one of the highlights from that album.

Then we have the two unreleased tracks. "Lie" is a far quieter track, extremely sparse and subtle. Healey's vocals are occasionally the only thing heard, although soft guitar and keyboards are heard in the background. I recommend turning up the volume, because the band does a brilliant job mixing their songs, and there's a very full, deep, rich sound here. But it is extremely quiet, while "Someone Else" is a less so. Using what sounds like an accordion (most likely keyboards) to start, it has some very lovely, crisp guitar, soft drums, and a much more moving melody. The vocals aren't quite as bare here, although they retain the quiet, lovely quality. It's nice to hear the band doing something that's not quite as desperately soft, and this one maintains something of a Nick Drake approach, soft yet gently flowing.

As far as a slow-core band, few manage to be quite as lovely and dreamy as Arco. Peaceful, subtle, sparse, yet always possessing a delicate and deliberate flow, these three songs build off their full-length for a wonderful group of summertime night songs. It's just a single with only two new tracks here, but I highly recommend fans of this style get their full-length and then hunt down these songs as well."

Tasty Zine

"Much introspection from the small and perfectly formed Arco. 'Alien' is so quiet it barely exists, but listen carefully and you can hear a genius at work. This song lilts in all the right places, tugs on the most tender of heart strings and is genuinely sad."

What's On Magazine

"Arco are a mass of contradictions. Singer Chris Healey is a bit of a cheeky wise-cracker, but his voice and songs are another thing entirely. Quiet, fragile and reminiscent of the melodic beauty of Nick Drake, only slightly more reserved. 'Alien' is the ethereal brother of Radiohead's 'Creep'. Outstanding."

John Coleman

Dream Magazine

"I've read about them, and seen the name, but this is my first chance to hear arco. London trio of songwriter Chris Healy on vocals and guitar, Dave Milligan on bass and guitar, and steady Nick Healy (twin brother of Chris) on drums make some real magic. Only three songs, but they are real good deep ones. Alien sounds like Greg Weeks with a band, singing about lost love and the universal inherent alienation involved. Lie is reminiscent of Archer Prewitt's more introspective moments. Brief and haiku spare; Lie is something it's very easy to imagine Nick Drake singing. Someone Else is a fuller sound, again a bit reminicent of Archer Prewitt's post-Coctails work. A sort of gentle country folk rock thing, with insightful, eloquent, and deeply blue lyrics. Arco are a band I'd like to hear a whole lot more of, and so would you if you appreciate; Drake, Weeks, later Talk Talk, or Plush."

George Parsons