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Paintings for sale by Terri Jones

When you buy an original Terri Jones painting, drawing or limited edition print you are buying something unique, something that has been created by hand with love & care
Seascape Paintings
Fish & Sea Life
Cats & Dogs

Horses, Donkeys & Zebras
Big Cats & Wildlife
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Terri finds inspiration in many places. Paintings, drawings & prints are grouped here into a number of galleries by subject matter, though there are crossovers between them

Thise website contains a small selection of Terri's work - to see more contact her to arrange a visit to her home studio

To buy an artwork, contact Terri to arrange payment & delivery

If the artwork you like is marked [SOLD], you can commission Terri to create something similar for you
        Children's Portraits
        Pet Portraits
        Adult Portraits
        Landscape Paintings
        Portrait Jewellery Boxes
        Client Testimonials

Picture Framing & Lights