Terri Jones Art
Terri Jones - portraits of people & pets
Terri will be exhibiting prints of recent commissions, including her portrait of the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP. She will also have her portfolio there so you can see examples of her work.
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Henley Arts Trail 2013
Artistseye Gallery Venue 20 - Artists Details
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Carol Cox - acrylic paintings
Contemporary studies of African wildlife.
Caroline Thomson - silversmith
My work is inspired by natural shapes and forms found in nature, and has an organic textural quality. I achieve the interesting surface details and finishes by using techniques including gold fusing, reticulation, hammering, granulation and oxidising. I also use fresh water pearls or copper to add interest and colour. 
Janette Crouch - ceramics
I make decorative, non-functional, hand-built, quirky ceramic pieces which are often inspired by sketches I have made on my travels. I hope to instill within the viewer some of the fun and excitement I have gained through these journeys.
Jo Keiller - acrylic paintings
I studied BA Fine Art at the University College of the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. I have always had a passion for drawing and painting since I was a young child. I paint a wide range of subjects from landscapes to animap portraits, mostly using acrylics.
Nacera Guerin - paintings & sculpture
Most of my new work is the result of experiments with different medium from Acrylic, Ink, dyes etc. to help me to discover where my work will take me next. I love what I do and I love every step of my learning process.

Sandra Prater - paintings
Work mostly in acrylics painting trees, flowers in watercolour. I photograph my subject first, I live next door to the woods which is a great influence.
Nick Gilmore - stone sculpture
Nick is presenting his explorations of sculpture in stone.
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Picture Framing & Lights
Julia Hayward - glass
Functional and decorative kiln formed glass, 3D sculpture, window hangings and table top platters.
Lesley Melia - paintings
Paintings of the Earth.
Michael Restrick - paintings
Abstract landscapes exploring patterns and shapes in the natural environment.
Robert Fitzmaurice - paintings
My personal, lyrical figuration is developed through choice of medium and approach, and forms tend toward the poetic and expressive. Themes of folly, hunting and exchange are explored alongside recurrent literary references, e.f. Shakespeare and Cervantes.
Rose Reynolds - ceramics
My ceramic work includes hand built sculpture and slipcast tableware, mainly using porcelain or white stoneware. I draw inspiration from nature in creating a range of animal sculptures. I am interested in small details, such as the turn of an ear, and how they transform the whole emotion of the piece. My tableware plays with man-made objects and is decorated with patterns and animal imagery.
Elaine Martin - jeweller
Pure silver and fused dichroic glass jewellery by local designer Elaine Martin, one of the first Senior Art Clay Instructors to qualify in this country. Elaine has been teaching and designing silver clay jewellery for the past seven years. Her latest designs are created from reforming sterling silver antique cutlery into modern day jewellery.
Gareth Jones - photographer
Gareth is a photographer with a lifetime of experience, originally in film and now working exclusively in digital formats. Though Gareth is best known for his high quality sports photography, he also produces landscape, portrait and abstract images.
weaversbazaar - tapestries
Weavers Bazaar are tapestry artists Lin Squires and Matty Smith. We design and weave our own textile images, drawing on traditional tapestry weaving skills blended with new approaches to achieve an artistic effect. We are both committed to finding ways to facilitate the growth of tapestry weaving as a contemporary art form.