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Terri Jones Commission Gift Vouchers

Commissions make unique & very special gifts!
You don't have to choose the artwork - let that special someone choose it themselves by buying them a Commission Gift Voucher...
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1. Just contact Terri to discuss what kind of commission you think the other person will want, how much you want to spend on their gift, and any special messages or images you'd like included on the Commission Gift Voucher. See Commission Fees for guidelines on what you might spend on a commission as a gift

2. Terri sends you a
Commission Gift Voucher.

3. The receiver of your gift voucher can spend time thinking about exactly what kind of picture they'd like, before contacting Terri to create their commission

Commission Gift Vouchers
How to Commission a Picture
Commission Fees
        Children's Portraits
        Pet Portraits
        Adult Portraits
        Landscape Paintings
        Portrait Jewellery Boxes
        Client Testimonials

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