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Portrait Jewellery Boxes by Terri Jones
Not only a work of art - a hidden store for your treasures!

I created the first portrait jewellery box for myself because it's what I always wanted - somewhere I could hang my lovely jewellery and cover it so it doesn't get dusty & dirty, and a portrait to glamourise my bedroom at the same time...
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To create a good stylised likeness

I need photographs that show the portrait subject in the pose and clothes you want in the portrait. And wearing her favourite jewels and most enticing smile...

You can provide me with photographs to work from. Or I can come to meet the subject and take photographs to make sure I get what I need to create a good likeness of her

We'll discuss the size of box required, the fabric you'd like for the interior and layout of the box interior (to suit the jewel collection) when you commission the jewellery box. If you already have a box and/or fabric that you are fond of, I can use those to create your jewellery box

Hand painted bespoke jewellery boxes from £200

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Your glamorous portrait on the outside
Acrylic painting with gold edging and gold and silver highlights 27cm x 43cm
Your chosen fabric and jewellery hanging layout on the inside
All fixings are brass, the fabric here is a wool & silk blend

Fixings are brass
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