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Terri Jones Commission Fees
Terri works out the fee for a commission based on its size, the materials used to create it, the time she needs to spend on research to develop the design (e.g. finding or taking photos & other visual reference material), and the time it will take to create it
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Terri's fees for drawings don't include framing, however she is happy to arrange framing for clients with her local framer, Century Galleries in Twyford

If a client is working within a specific budget, she will discuss what they are looking for and work out the artwork that best suits their budget

The list here gives a guide to commission fees
These fees are based on creating an artwork directly from one or more photographs provided by the client

There is no exact guide given here for mural fees as they vary wildly from one client to another according to size, complexity & the materials used to create it

Commission Gift Vouchers
How to Commission a Picture
Commission Fees
Portraits - children, pets, adults
The following fees are for a single figure, additional figures will increase the fee, please call Terri for details

The following fees are for a landscape composed from supplied photographs


£100 24cm x 30cm
£150 30cm x 40cm
£175 40cm x 50cm
£200 50cm x 60cm
£300 60cm x 80cm

£150 24cm x 30cm
£200 30cm x 40cm
£225 40cm x 50cm
£250 50cm x 60cm
£350 60cm x 80cm

£250 24cm x 30cm
£500 30cm x 40cm
£675 40cm x 50cm
£850 50cm x 60cm
£1300 60cm x 80cm

Murals fees are calculated at £125 per day + materials + expenses
        Children's Portraits
        Pet Portraits
        Adult Portraits
        Landscape Paintings
        Portrait Jewellery Boxes
        Client Testimonials

Picture Framing & Lights