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Children's Portraits by Terri Jones

To get a good likeness of a child for a commission portrait, it's best if Terri can have a live sitting with the child where she makes sketches and take photos. She'll then create the portrait from photographs and sketches back at her studio
Paintings & drawings are reproduced here at low resolution with permission of clients. Click on a picture to see a larger version
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Portraits from photos

If this isn't possible, you can always give her some existing photos to work from. Ideally these should include the child wearing the clothes you want in the picture and with them sitting or standing in the posture for the portrait (especially in terms of how the head is held). You also need to provide another photo that has a close up view of the face in that posture that accurately shows their skin tone, hair and eye colour

When Terri discusses your ideas for the portrait with you, she will also ask you about the background and props that you want included to indicate the child's character and life

Pencil drawings from £100 for a 24cm x 30cm image
Pastel drawings from £150
Oil paintings from £250

Pencil & pastel drawings are supplied mounted, ready to frame. Oil paintings are supplied with a simple frame

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Realistic pencil portrait
Pencil on paper 24cm x 30cm
Realistic pencil portrait
Pencil on paper 24cm x 30cm
Childrens portrait
Pastel drawing 24cm x 30cm
Portrait from photograph
Pastel on paper 40cm x 30cm
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Children's portrait
Pencil drawing 8" x 12"
Children's portrait from photograph
Pencil drawing 24cm x 30cm