19 Wargrave Rd, Twyford,
Berks, RG10 9NY

07938 735045

  • We're a friendly Club, welcoming new members of all ages/abilities.

    The £50/year membership (plus key deposit) gives you your own key, for 24-hour access whenever you like.

    Members can bring guests along for a pound.

    Contact the Secretary,
    Malcolm George - twyfordsnookerhall@gmail.com
    07938 735045

    Our tables

  • Twyford Snooker Club is situated in a historic hall in the centre of Twyford, Berkshire.

    We have two tables, recently re-covered, and one or both are usually free at all times.

    On the rare occasions the hall is busy, players give the table to waiting members at the end of a frame.

    Our hall

  • Why not come and try "Super Six"? It's snooker with six reds.

    (Compared to pool, the table's bigger, but there are fewer balls to pot.)

    It's like "20:20" is to longer forms of cricket!

    Like pool?

(To see more, click the purple circles above - or swipe left/right on touchscreens.)

News: September 2019

Working Day: Sun Sep 15, 10am-4pm

We have various minor works to complete this stage of refurbishment. Next Sunday, we would like to:
Tidy up external paintwork around toilet window
Install new floodlight
Cut some branches off tree at rear
Finish off Side Hall painting
Take rubbish from Rear Rooms
Repair floor in Side Hall
If you can spare a hour or two, please come and help; tools and materials provided.

Subscription Renewals

2019/2020 Subscriptions are due on the 1st October 2019.

The rates for next year are:
60 for full member (Under 65)
50 for Senior (65 at 1st Oct or over)

The simplest way to pay is by BACS Transfer. Details:
NatWest Bank
Sort Code 60-17-21
Account No 88559955
Account: Twyford Snooker Club
We also accept cheques made out to Twyford Snooker Club. Please write your Surname and Postcode on the back of the cheque.

The new Door Code will be advised to paid-up members after the AGM on Oct 16th.

NON RENEWING MEMBERS: If you are not intending to renew, please let us know as we have a waiting list. Please return your key and fob - please place in the letterbox at the club. A cheque for 15 will be sent to you.

Annual General Meeting

will be held on Wednesday,16th October, 8pm at the Hall. All members are invited to attend. Formal Notice and Agenda will follow.

Other recent news

Update on the Official Rules for Snooker and English Billiards

The WPBSA has issued an updated set of rules. You can download the rules, or just the changes/notes, here.