/  Successful products?

  • The end product is not software, a website or a mobile device that can do X, Y, or Z.

    The end product you are trying to achieve is

    Successful User Experience ("UX")

    i.e. normal users finding that

    - it does things they want to do

    - in ways they can understand, remember, enjoy.

    we like!

  • Even though, as an industry, we're really bad at it, "Successful User Experience" is actually easy to do, as the rest of this site shows:

    - Know  what users want 

    - Know  what kind of UI  they can handle

    -  Design  what they want, in a UI they can handle (see, easy!)

    -  Deliver  that design (here, in Development, is where most projects lose their UX)

    Me Like!


Slash Design is Nick Healey:

- chief designer at Symbian and Psion for ten successful years

- award-winning design consultant for over ten years since, for clients of all sizes

I design products all the way from initial concepting to the layout stage (the content users want, structured and presented in a way they can handle) – e.g. typically wireframes, or mockups.

(I'm not a web coder, nor a graphic designer #CanYouTell)